1. How can I register?
You have to register yourself here and have to pay the stipulated amount to access MeraGana's Karaoke library.
2. Which Credit/Debit cards do you accept?
3. How do I become a subscriber if I do not have a Credit/Debit card?
4. Can the payment "fail" after paying by a Credit/Debit card?
5. Can I check the quality of the song(s) before registering?
6. What do I do when a message showing "Already Registered" appears when I am trying to register?
7. How do I cancel the subscription?
8. Can I offer the subscription as a gift to my friend(s)?
9. What is the sound quality of the track?
10. Can I access the songs instantly after paying the subscription fee?
11. Can I download the track?
12. Can I record the track?
13. How do I change my password/username?
14. Can I request my favourite song if it is not available on MeraGana's list?
15. How often are new songs added to MeraGana's list?
16. Can I use the track to sing in public or for a public performance?
17. What if I find that the lyrics of a song are incomplete or have an error or there is a general problem with the song.